Social Responsibility

About us

At Sant Cugat Consulting we recognize that our work has great social significance. We have a responsibility to ensure the transparency and accuracy of the information that companies provide to their shareholders, investors, suppliers, employees and the financial market.

This important responsibility inspires us to ensure that everything we do has a positive effect on people, our clients and suppliers, the environment and wider society. We believe that a good company is more than merely its standing in the business world, it needs to gain society’s respect and therefore we place as much importance on society and the environment as we do on our business.

As part of our current far-reaching strategic projects, we are committed to an environmental policy designed to help evaluate and minimize the global impact of our transactions on the environment. A strategic goal of this policy has been to design measures that help all our professionals get involved with the environment, establishing appropriate patterns of behaviour in order to protect and collaborate with the conservation of natural resources.

We have also partnered with several international humanitarian NGOs which work on development, humanitarian action, fair trade and awareness programs, with the aim of eradicating injustice and poverty.