Commercial and Civil Legal Advice

Jurídica Mercantil y Civil

Preventive legal protection carried out by our expert lawyers, can help your company avoid spending time and resources on endless legal proceedings. At Sant Cugat Consulting, we offer advice on:

  • Civil Law: actions and negotiations regarding real estate and land planning,
    family and inheritance law, and, generally speaking, everything related to this branch of law.
  • Contract law: Negotiating and entering into various types of commercial contracts such as
    distribution, agency, franchise, lease, services and logistics agreements.
    We advise on both national and international matters.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A): Advice, design and execution of
    acquisitions or the purchase of securities or assets by industrial companies and private equity firms
    , both on the seller and the buyer side, and the financing of
    these kinds of transactions. Our teams are also experienced in
    performing due diligence processes.
  • Shareholder agreements: Negotiating and entering into shareholder agreements, advising on
    aspects such as resolutions with a reinforced majority, restrictions on the free transfer of
    shares, corporate governance and the composition and selection of their
    administration and management bodies, the dividend policy and
    deadlock resolution clauses.
  • National partnership and cooperation vehicles and agreements (Joint Ventures, etc.).
  • Data protection: Implementation of Spanish personal data protection legislation
    . Drafting of the Security Document.
  • Intellectual property and copyright: Advice on how to implement
    intellectual property rights and copyright policies. Advice on how to
    obtain national and international patents and trade marks and retain
    ownership. Third party licensing.